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YouTube Video Content

Client: Nissan Juke

Media: Video

Nissan asked us at South African based Agency, Global Mouse to create a video to be used online for their new Juke model. Instead of creating a heavily branded car ad, We decided to create a music video featuring local mucisians who created a track with just the vehicle.

Not only did this spread virally and recieve positive response but it created a whole marketing direction for the Juke in South Africa, spurring on concerts, sponsorships, competitions and more.

Videos like these work particularly well in the online space and are very cost effective.

Animated Content

Client: Vitality

Media: Animation

Creating quality content quickly and effectively for online use is becoming more rampant.

We utilized this style of animated infor graphics to convey concepts like financial incentives, rewards programs, insurance policies and more in a captivating and entertaining way. We offer all sorts of styles including 2 and 3D animation with audio effects, music production and more.

Corporate Video Content

Client: Vodafone

Media: Video

Longer format video content is an effective way to launch an idea, product or company.

Creating top quality video while keeping to budget is an art form and depends on factors like locations, actors, and conepts.

We have production partners all over the world who bring the right flavor to any project.

3D Animation

Client: Various

Media: Animation

We have the ability to create world-class 3D modelling and animation. Bringing imagination to life, there is literally nothing we cannot create. Another huge benefit of creating assets is that we can adapt this content for many applications including holograms, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Augmented Reality

Client: Nissan

Media: Augmented Reality

At Global Mouse Agency and Imajinn Perceptions Ltd, Our Team worked on the Nissan Juke Pre-Launch in South Africa. This highly successful campaign included full integration of new technologies like augmented reality, building projections, holographics and mobile interactives, pioneering technology into a fully emmersive Brand experience.


Client: Mitsubishi

Media: Hologram

We created a 40ft Hologram of the Mitsubishi FUSO Truck for a surreal life-size launch. We have used this technology previously for brands like VW, Car of the Year, Suzuki and Blackberry.

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