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Websites today are a necessity to any brand or business. Sadly most people have two options when it comes to getting a website made.

Lease a website? That's Crazy

The Ugly option - Do-It-Yourself

The Bad option - Hire a "Pro"

This ends up being an mess and you never quite get the results you wanted, not to mention taking up all your time.

We like to call this one digital terrorism. How often do brands spend thousands on a website that is so over engineered, changing an image is like a hostile negotiation every time.

The Good Option - Leave it to us

PixelSmith & Co will design and develop your own custom branded website for only $200/month.

We know its hard to launch a business today and most people we've met spend all their budget on building their company and often branding and marketing are left with the crumbs. PixelSmith & Co. have tailor made this website package with the entrepreneur in mind. All you have to do is send us your logo, copy and images, well do the rest. There's no contract, you can cancel anytime you want as long as its before the new month begins. Domain names are included for up to 1 year and are subject to conditions and availability.

You Send us info

We start designing

You Approve

Fill out and submit the form below with what you want on the site.

We create beautiful custom sites that look great, navigate well and tell your story. 

Only once your happy do we send you an invoice for your first month. There is no contract so you can cancel anytime before the next month begins.

Its that easy, you now have a website you love with no headaches, huge price tag or worries.


If you aren't ready to submit your content or have any other questions or requests please don't hesitate to contact us here.

Success! Message received.

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